Advantages of the Product Diversification Strategy in Beekeeping Farms

Anca Aurora POPOVICI, Liviu Alexandru MÄ‚RGHITAȘ, Daniel Severus DEZMIREAN, Marioara ILEA


The purpose of the research is to shape the main benefits and motivations of Romanian beekeepers who manage a beekeeping farm and implement the diversification strategy. Interviews were performed with 20 managers of beekeeping farms from the North-West Region of Romania. Results point out that the main advantages of the production diversification strategy are the ability to respond to the opportunities that arise on the market, the involvement of farm owners and employees in different activities related to production throughout the year (they can live at the farm and work during the winter season), as well as professional satisfaction. The diversification strategy determines the competitive advantage of beekeeping farms and lies in the unique combination of different products specific to each farm, which differentiates it from its competitors.


advantages, diversification, motivations, beekeeping farms

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