Cyto-Morphological Particularities of Hair Cuticle in Domestic and Wild Suidae

Mirela-Emilia CADAR, Vioara MIRESAN, Camelia RADUCU, Ilie CORNOIU, Ionel TOADER, Anamaria VATCA


Microscopic examination of hair fiber presents interest especially in animal breeding, in veterinary and human forensic medicine, in cosmetology, hunting biology etc. In veterinary medicine, there is a situation when the microscopic study of hair fibers’ structure became a necessary complementary examination beside the expertise to establish the animal species from which derives a meat sample, on which surface it is practically impossible to not persist some hair fibers.

The aim of this study was to observe the microscopic structure of hair fiber, especially of hair cuticle to put into evidence both species particularities and those ones, which could depend on breed. Also, we were interested if could exist any structural correlation between the hair of the investigated wild species and domestic one.


hair cuticle, cyto-morphological particularities, Suidae

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