Adsorption of Orotic Acid on Ag Colloidal Nanoparticles

Luisa Andronie, Vioara Mireșan, Ioana Pop, Camelia Raducu, Aurelia Coroian, Cristi Coroian, Daniel Cocan, Radu Constantinescu


The Raman spectra of polycrystalline anhydrous orotic acid have been also recorded and compared to the SERS data. This form are found to chemisorb on Ag colloidal nanoparticles exhibiting different SERS spectral pattern. SERS of orotic acid analysis suggested a titled geometry orientation with respect to the surface. Different adsorption behavior of these molecular species is discussed in the present study based on the Raman and SERS vibrational analysis of the related species.


orotic acid; micro-Raman; SERS

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