Influence of ante-slaughtering factors on broiler meat acidity

Marius Mihai Ciobanu, Roxana Lazăr, Alina Narcisa Postolache, Paul Corneliu Boișteanu



Our study evaluated the acidity of broiler meat in accordance with some ante-slaughtering factors such as: duration of transport from farm to slaughterhouse, broilers’ density in transport shelves and ante-slaughtering rest time. To carry out the current study, three experimental batches were prepared; pH determination was made at 0.25, 12 and 24 h after slaughter.After slaughtering, dynamics of pH placed the carcasses of batches L1 and L2 in a safety interval, while carcasses from L3 batch presented signs of PSE. A possible explication of this cause-effect relationship could be the insufficient ante-slaughtering rest period (30 min.) and moderate density during transport (32 chicken/shelf), even if the distance was the shortest one (4 km).


Keywords: acidity, ante-slaughtering, glycogen


acidity, ante-slaughtering, glycogen

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