The Effects of Guar Meal on Production Performances in Broiler Chicken

Aurel Sara, Mihai-Iacob Bentea



Research carried out by the Chemical SRL Company in partnership with the University of Milan on broiler chicken, regarding the replacement of soybean meal with guar meal (Guar 60PF and Guar 70 PFR) highlighted a higher body mass for the groups that received Guar 70 PFR and Guar 60 PF, the control group showing smaller body mass values. Regarding the average daily gain, the higher values were recorded in the experimental groups, the highest value being recorded in Guar 70 PFR group, followed by the Guar 60 PF group, and the control group. The food conversion ratio was lower for the Guar 70 PFR and Guar 60 PF groups. Other authors reported that guar meal administered in low doses (2.5% and 5%) in feeds had no negative effects on the growth performances of broiler chickens, whereas higher doses (7.5 and 10%) negatively influenced both growth performances and broiler chickens’ health. After partially replacing the soybean meal with guar meal in broiler chicken feeds, no negative effects on body mass evolution, weight gain, feed conversion and carcass quality in broiler chicken were reported.





guar, broiler chicken, productive performances

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