The Effect of Lupine Seed in Broiler Diet on Animal Performance and Fatty Acids Profile of their Meat

Daniel Mierlita



Alkaloid-free lupine seed may represent an alternative for ensuring the vegetable protein in poultry feed. Given the weight but especially the place and role of fats in maintaining consumer health, in our research we watched the effect of alkaloid free lupine seed in the diet of broiler (chicken and turkey), the animal performance and especially the effect on the fatty acids composition in the chest intramuscular fat. The experiment was conducted as a completely randomized experimental design consisting of two treatments involving a control diet consisting of corn - soybean grits (LC) and an experimental diet (LE) in which the proteins from soy grits were replaced by alkaloid free lupine flour. Two groups were organized: LC (control) - in whose diet soybean meal was used and LE protein (experimental) - in whose diet alkaloid free lupine seeds were used. In the chicken broiler diet, the protein derived from soybean meal was replaced with alkaloid free lupine flour in proportion of 30% during days 1-21 and 60% during days 22-42 (14.0-25.7% lupine ratio in the combined fodder structure). As for the turkey broiler, lupine seed accounted for 30% of combined fodder structure, substituting between 40% (breeding stage 0-3 weeks) and 75% (breeding stage 15-18 weeks) of protein provided by soybean meal. Substitution of soybean meal protein in the broiler diet by introducing alkaloid free white lupine beans in broiled food has no negative effect on their bio-performance. Supplementing the broilers diet with lupine flour resulted in a decreased share of saturated fatty acids with high atherogenic potential (C14:0, C16:0, C18:0) in breast intramuscular fat and increased the share of n-3 series polyunsaturated fatty acids (α-linolenic acid especially), which at their turn decreased the n-3/n-6 series fatty acids in breast, thus increasing the nutritional quality of poultry meat, analysed in terms of impact on human consumer health.


Keywords: alkaloid-free lupine, fatty acids composition, meat, broiler.



alkaloid-free lupine, fatty acids composition, meat, broiler

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