Studies Regarding the Effect of Organic Fertilizers on a Permanent Grassland in Petrova, Maramureș

Adela Lacrimioara Botis, Gheorghe Mihai, Nicușor Sima, Doru Criste, Ion Mihalca, Iulia Medrea, Bogdan Făgădar


Grasslands have a great importance for humans around the world being the beginning of many of our food products. Since there is a direct connection between soil, plant and climate, scientist became concerned of this interaction and studies were conducted to describe this connection and to improve output in grasslands with best measures possible. The experiment established in Petrova, Maramureș in the autumn of 2012 is used to obtain information on how different types of manure influence the vegetation and the output on permanent grasslands. Since there are other studies in this field, in different areas of Romania and in other countries, results can be compared so that a greater picture can be made on how organic fertilizers influence the quality and quantity of forage.


grassland, Maramureș, organic fertilizers

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