Toxicological Tests of Tumolit and Artemisinin Products on Laboratory Mice and Rats

Crina Elena Oroian(cas Strugariu), Anca Alexandra Stuparu, Voichita Maria Gavrila, Teofil Oroian


This paper presents the experimental results establishing the lethal dose (LD) of the two products considered to have antitumor effect:Tumolit and Artemisinin.

For testing, we used an experimental design including two species of gnawers, Swiss mice and Wistar rats. Two experimental groups were used, consisting of 20 Swiss male mice each, as well as two groups of 10 Wistar rats/lot. In interpreting the results of the research and in the development of the experimental protocol, we took into account the toxicity scale after Hodge and Sterner. Initial doses were usedof both products at 200mg / kg / body for each mouse and rat, respectively, administered orallyin single-doses. Between each oral dose, there was one day of rest in order to evaluate possible effects. As mentioned in theProtocol, the dose was increased to500mg dose / kg / body,then to 1000 mg / kg / body, 2000mg / kg / body and then to 5000 mg / kg / body. At this last dose, administration was disrupted in mice. For rats, doses were further increased in three innings to 5000 mg / kg / body, 15,000 mg / kg / body concerned 20,000 mg / kg / body in single oral dose.  The administration was done by gavage in a single dose. There were no toxicity effects reported at any dose level applied, which is why we conclude that the two products are practically non-toxic.



Artemisinin, mice, rats, tests, toxicity, Tumolit

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