The phenotypic characterization of wild boar population in Transylvania "Sus Scrofa Ferus"

Voichita Ana Maria Gavrila, Crina Elena Strugariu, Teofil Oroian


The surveys were conducted over the years 2013-2014. The biological material was represented by 43 females and 63 males, adults, with the age of over 3 years, harvested from three hunting grounds in Transylvania. Conformation measurements were made for the following characteristics: body length, height at the withers, the croup height, thorax perimeter, body weight, head length, forehead width between the ears. There were estimated average and dispersion factors for each characteristics and phenotypic correlations were estimated between concerned characteristics. There is a large variability in all studied characteristics, in both males and females, variability given by individual differences and higher performance limits for each characteristics, given by both individual variability and environmental condition and harvesting season.


wild boar, body weight, body length

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