Meristic and Morphometric Characteristics of Spirlin, Alburnoides bipunctatus Bloch 1782 (Actinopterygii: Cyprinidae) of the Letca Area - Someș River

Cocan Daniel, Florentina Popescu, Călin Lațiu, Viorica Coșier, Aurelia Coroian, Octavian Negrea, Andrada Ihuț, Miresan Vioara



Spirlin (Alburnoides bipunctatus) is an important element of the trophic chain of aquatic ecosystems in Romania’s hilly areas. To assess the conservation status of this species, 21 specimens were taken from the Letca area, Sălaj County. The specimens caught were weighed and analysed from the meristic (8 determinations) and morphometric (36 determinations) points of view. The obtained results reflect the homogeneity of the fish population in terms of morphology (their coefficients of variation showing lower values). This study will continue in the future with the analyses of the spirlin populations from several sectors of the Someș River and its tributaries.


Alburnoides bipunctatus, morphometry, phenotypic characterisation

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