Characterization of Traditionally Obtained Buffalo Cheese

Aurelia Coroian, Cristian Ovidiu Coroian, Vioara Mireșan, Camelia Răducu, Luisa Andronie, Daniel Cocan, Zamfir Marchiș, Octavian Negrea


In the past decades buffalo milk has attracted growing interest in most countries, especially due to its nutrition characteristics. In Romania, buffalo milk and milk products are mainly considered local and traditional resources, and play an important role in enhancing livestock biodiversity. Currently, the overall availability of milk from all dairy animal species, as well as the possibility of obtaining new products must be analysed. Buffalo milk composition is influenced by season. Milk fat level in autumn is 7.95%, and in the summer it is 7.29%. The highest mean values for the cheese were recorded in the spring season, with a fat and protein content of 41.02% and 21.34%, respectively. In autumn, the fat content is at 36.92%, and protein is at 19.81% .



buffalo, cheese, milk, physico-chemical parameters

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