Insects as an Alternative Protein Source for Animal Feeding: A Short Review about Chemical Composition

Vladimir Vrabec, Martin Kulma, Daniel Cocan


Currently, insects are considered as a potential substitute for fishmeal and Currently, insects are considered as a potential substitute for fishmeal and soybean meal in feeding mixtures for farm animals. However, detailed information regarding insects’ nutritional values is available only for some species. We suggested criteria for insect suitability to mass production and found 15 species from 5 orders which meet our requirements: Blattaria: Blaptica dubia, Blatta lateralis, Eublaberus distanti, Coleoptera: Alphitobius diaperinus, Tenebrio molitor, Zophobas morio, Diptera: Hermetia illucens, Musca domestica, Lepidoptera: Antheraea assamensis, Bombyx mori, Galleria mellonela, Samia riciini, Orthoptera: Acheta domestica, Locusta migratoria, Zonocerus variegates. We have collected available information about their nutritional composition and compared it to soybean meal and fishmeal. Protein content was found to be similar to (or slightly higher than in) soybean and fish meals. In terms of protein quality, it was found that insect protein composition is more similar to soybean protein or fishmeal with low protein concentration, than to that of high concentration fishmeal or casein. Due to highest lysine and metionin contents, we recommend Musca domestica and Samia riciini as most suitable protein sources for poultry and pigs feeding


alternative protein source, amino acid, insects, nutrient content

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