The Assessment of Deer (Cervus elaphus) Trophies

Marius Cotta, Gelu RareÅŸ Oroian, Teofil Oroian


The red deer (Cervus elaphus) population’s potential for trophy value from the 34 Neagra and 35 Sălard hunting areas on the Northern slope of the Gurghiu Mountains has been analysed and evaluated, based on a number of 42 red deer trophies taken between 2000-2014. The trophies were evaluated using the C.I.C. method, which was adopted at the “Conseil International de la Chasse†in Berlin in 1937. A description of the C.I.C. method and the score for the 42 trophies is included in the study. The result of the analysis shows that 50% of the total number of trophies are high value trophies (gold and silver medal), indicating the remarkable overall quality of the red deer population in the research area.


Cervus elaphus, red deer trophy, rod length, rosette circumference.

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