Assessing the Chemical Status of Water from Wells Which Supply Farms Located on Romania's territory. Part I

Cristina Iuliana El Mahdy, Silvana Popescu, Anca Boaru, Cristin Borda


Aim of this study was to assess the chemical status of water by point of view of the indicators parameters coming from the decentralized system of water supply (wells) and which supply the water of dairy farms performed in 63 wells from the same number of  farms from 5 located in: S-E, N-W and central of Romania at the request of farmers. It has been studied the parameters that indicate the status of water acidification: pH (SRISO 10523/97); indicator parameters having as landmark the minimum list of parameters monitored by the laboratories of profile from county public health department: hardness (STAS 3326/76), iron (STAS 3086/68), CCOMn (STAS:3002/85), ammonia (spectrometry), parameters indicative of saline inclusions: chlorides (STAS 3049/88), sulfates (SRISO 10523/97). Characterization of the chemical state of water: good or poor was done after the values that define the worst condition. The limit values for each parameter are compared to those required by the L.107/1996, L.458/2002, 311/2004, O.621/2012. Were recorded values which attesting good quality status for 21 wells:[ 1 Buzău (BZ),12 Cluj (CJ),2 Mureș (MS),6 Sălaj (SJ)] and 42 wells whose water quality status it is poor (6 AB, 5 BZ,17 CJ, 7 MS). Exceeding the limits values were found at the parameters: CCOMn (CJ: 05.29±3.87mgO2/dm3, 10.59±2.04 mgO2/dm3 AB); ammonia: (AB: 0.56±0.08 mg/dm3, MS: 0.51±0.1 mg/dm3), iron (BZ: 0.85±1.05 mg/dm3, CJ: 0.37±0.47 mg/dm3, MS: 0.62±0.57mg/dm3), chlorides (AB: 330.42±208.8 mg/dm3, MS: 243.18±164.8 mg/dm3). Contamination risk score of wells in the studied areas is medium (3 point).


Chemical states, cow, drinking water

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