Assessing the Chemical Status of Water from Wells Which Supply Farms Located on Romania's territory. Part II

Cristina Iuliana El Mahdy, Silvana Popescu, Anca Boaru, Cristin Borda


The study was performed at 63 wells that belongs to the decentralized system from the territory of 5 counties by Romania: AB- 7 wells, BZ-6 wells, CJ-33 wells, MS-1wells, SJ-6 wells taking into account the chemical parameters: nitrites (SRISO 6777/96), nitrates (SRISO 7890/1-98), report nitrates and nitrites in accordance with the L. 458/2002. Results reveals values of NO2: 0.32±0.08 mg/dm3AB, 0.23±0.08 mg/dm3 BZ, 0.33±0.05 mg/dm3 CJ, 0.23±0.03 mg/dm3 MS, 0.09±0.02 mg/dm3SJ, and NO3: 35.71±7.53 mg/dm3AB, 48.66±5.92 mg/dm3 BZ, 23.54±2.82 mg/dm3 CJ, 19.63±4.64 mg/dm3 MS, 31.16±5.12 mg/dm3 SJ which theoretically include waters in terms of two parameters in drinking water and good chemical states but, individual samples in terms of nutrient regime has exceedances influenced by poor cleaning, hygienisation and disinfection of wells.


cow, drinking water , NO2, NO3

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