Influence of Collection Frequency on the Quality of Ejaculates from Large White and Pietrain Boars

Vasile Miclea, Ilona Gyorgy, Ileana Miclea, Marius Zahan, Alexandru Nagy, Aurel Potra


Semen from Large White and Pietrain boars was collected at 3 and 4 day intervals. Volume, percentages of live, immature and motile spermatozoa and tail abnormalities were evaluated in order to assess ejaculate quality. The number of insemination doses per ejaculate was calculated for each breed and collection frequency. Reducing the interval between collections doesn’t modify ejaculate volume and spermatozoa motility but it increases the percentage of gametes that are immature or have an abnormal tail. A collection frequency of 3 days is better because the number of insemination doses per year is higher.


boars, ejaculates, frequency, quality

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