Quality Analysis of Raw Cow Milk from the Cojocna Farm, UASVM Cluj Napoca in Correlation with the Feeding Technique and Mammary Gland Health Status

Eugen Claudiu Jurco, Grigore Onaciu, Zamfir Marchis, Laurentiu Ognean


Quality analysis of 576 milk samples, obtained from the eight controls was performed in 2015 at the didactics UASVM farm from Cojocna. The biological material was represented by a 107 cows of Romanian spotted breed. On this population, individual and overall, were analized more aspects: productive performances and the main milk quality indicators such as fat, protein, lactose, pH, with particular reference to somatic cell counts as the main indicator of subclinical mastitis and the content of urea as the main indicator of nutritional aspects of the dairy cows. Following the official control of milk production, it was found that the milk production was on average 14.76 kg/day with a quite high values of coefficient of variability, between 31.05% and 40.47%, depending on the controls, which indicating a strong heterogeneity of this trait. The chemical characteristics of 576 samples showed considerable variations from one control to another. The amount of total fat and protein was found to be on average of 3.92% and 3.37% respectively. Regarding the content of urea and somatic cells, in all tested milk samples, the lowest value was found in the fifth control, with an average of 8.04±0.6 mg/dl and 69.20±23.3 cell/mlx103, while the highest was in the first control 19.37±0.7 mg/dl for urea, and 263.17±31.7 cell/mlx103 for the somatic cells.


Farm, Milk, Romanian spotted breed, Quality

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15835/buasvmcn-asb:12211

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