Growth Dynamic and Physiological Status of Calves for Meat Production

Vioara Miresan, Petru Taran, Camelia Raducu, Aurelia Coroian, Daniel Cocan


Cattle farming for meat is an activity specific for Romanian zootechnics. Generally, beef cattle farmers acquire claves from the local population. The condition and welfare of calves can be determined based on weight gain and hematological indices. The purpose of our research was to determine the growth dynamic of calves subjected to fattening and to determine the physiological status on growth stages, by hematological investigations. Our research was conducted at the SC ITL AGROCOMPLEX farm - Lechinţa, Bistriţa-Năsăud County. Growth indices (TG - total gain; ADG - average daily gain) were determined based on successive measurements and weightings. The physiological status was determined by hematological analyses (WBC, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, leukocytic formula). The experiment lasted for 33 days, 10 calves being studied. The initial mean weight was 53.5±0.513 kg, and the final mean weight was 91.7±0.445 kg, resulting a total gain (TG) of 38.2 kg and an average daily gain (ADG) of 1.158 kg/day. Generally, the obtained hematological values showed a gradual improvement of the physiological status of the calves. Starting with somewhat higher leukocyte values (WBCinitial=10.61±0.329 x 109/L), their level slowly decreased towards the end of the experiment (WBCfinal=8.92±0.204 x 109/L). Regarding other hematological indices, these presented relatively constant values: RBCinitial=9.44±0.151 x 1012/L vs. RBCfinal=9.35±0.114 x 1012/L; HGBinitial= 9.92±0.234 g/dl vs. HGBfinal=9.24±0.155 g/dl; HCTinitial=30.5±0.604% vs. HCTfinal=30.15±0.389%. The obtained results show optimum values for growth dynamic. Also, the hematological indices indicate good maintenance, growth and feeding conditions existent in the farm, the indices improving during the experiment.


calves, meat production, growth dynamic, hematology

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