Is Beekeeping Affected by the Use of Neonicotinoids in Agriculture?

Erzsébet Timea DOMOKOS, Liviu Alexandru MARGHITAS, Daniel Severus DEZMIREAN, Otilia BOBIS


Neonicotinoids are systemic insecticides used in agriculture for seed treatment as well as in the pest control by spraying during plant growing. Also, they are found as an active substance in different phytosanitary products used in horticulture for winter spraying in fruit plantations when fruit trees are in vegetative rest. Taking into account the former studies on this topic, knowing all what is published regarding this important theme, both for agriculture and for beekeeping, the review is very important for all interested parts. In the present review many of the questions raised by the beekeepers and the scientists from agriculture receive an answer, together with described methods for identifying and quantifying this class of still used pesticide.


agriculture, beekeeping, chemical determinations, neonicotinoids

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