Comparative Analysis of Fermented Milk Products with and without Added Vegetable Ingredients

Mihaela Adriana TIŢA, Adriana BÂRCĂ


In this study we wanted to obtain a fermented milk product from the kefir assortment with added chanterelle which are native mushrooms, because in our country is not such a product. We chose these mushrooms for their rich composition in essential amino acids, vitamins and mineral salts and which in turn are very consumed. The resulting product shows a high nutritional value and antioxidant properties due to the valuable compounds in the mushroom composition. The mushrooms were previously lyophilized and the resulting powder was added in different proportions, obtaining three samples. These samples were compared with a blank sample over a 12 days period by sensory and physicochemical point of view.


fermented milk, kefir, mushrooms, nutritional value

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