The Effect of Saline Solution Used as an Activating Factor of the Semen in Brown Trout, Salmo Trutta Fario (Linnaeus 1758)

Paul UIUIU, Daniel I. COCAN, Călin LAŢIU, Tudor PĂPUC, Florentina POPESCU, Radu CONSTANTINESCU, Cristian O. COROIAN, Andrada IHUȚ, Vioara MIREŞAN


In this research we analysed the phenotypic characterization of Salmo trutta fario species and we studied the effect of the saline solution used as an activator for seminal material. The spermatozoa mobility ratio in our study ranged from 60% to 95%, with an average of 74% when using water and 84.5% when a saline solution (NaCl) of 7‰ was used. The average mobility time ranges between 58.7 seconds (water) and 99 seconds (saline solution). Biochemical analyses of seminal plasma were performed and parameters such as ions concentration (Na+ , K+ , Ca2+ , Mg2+ , Cl- ), protein profile (BUN, TP), lipid profile (TG, Chol) and enzyme profile (ALP) were followed. As a result of our research on semen in brown trout, we noticed that saline solution (7‰) compared to water when used as an activator of seminal material, is more effective in activating spermatozoa.


mobility duration, seminal plasma, spermatocrit, viability

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