Multidirectional Activities for Gene Pool Conservation in GCEARS-PSP

Daniel Severus DEZMIREAN, Liviu Alexandru MARGHITAȘ, Otilia BOBIȘ, Adriana Cristina URCAN, Horatiu DEZMIREAN, Claudia PAȘCA, Adela Ramona MOISE


The Global Centre of Excellence for Advance Research in Sericulture and Promotion of Silk Production (GCEARS-PSP), recognised by ISC since 2014, was created with the main purposes: development of advanced research in sericulture and diagnostic services using modern techniques, achievement of a gene pool of different silkworms races and promotion of silk production. The objective of this study was to characterize the races from the GCEARS-PSP, in order to conserve the most valuable and resistant ones. This characterisation is a part of GCEARS-PSP’s strategy for the revival and development of sericulture and silk production in Romania. The GCEARS-PSP represents an important point of reference for Romanian sericulture. The experimental data described showed a good prospective for a proper functioning of the research centre and the obtained results are promising for the next lines of research.

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