Muffins Obtained with Some Vegetal Powders as Fat Replacers

Roxana E. TUFEANU, Mihaela A. TIȚA, Ovidiu TIȚA


Chia seeds and watermelon rind powder were used to produce low-fat muffins in which butter has been replaced at different levels.The utilization of the fat replacers has increased the moisture content and water activity of the samples. The initial moisture content was ranging from 24.41% in control sample to 31.89% in muffins with 100% butter replacement by using the watermelon rind paste. The water activity presented values between 0.863-0.899 during storage at ambient temperature for 10 days. Minerals analysis indicated that through the addition of the powders, an increase in the mineral content of the samples can be achieved. P was the most abundant mineral followed by K. The samples obtained by replacing the butter with vegetal powders can provide between 49.29 % - 58.51% phosphorus; 18.91 %-21.45% selenium and 15.04%-18.48% manganese from the recommended daily intake. These vegetal powders can be used as ingredients for partial or total replacement of fat in muffins due to their ability to improve the nutritional quality and to maintain the physical-chemical and sensory characteristics at level of acceptability.


chia seeds powder, watermelon rind powder, low fat muffins

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