Long Distance Migration of Beluga (Huso huso) and Stellate Sturgeon (Acipenser stellatus) in Lower Danube River in Relation with Iron Gate II Dam

Ștefan HONŢ, Marian PARASCHIV, Marian Ion IANI, Tihomir STEFANOV, Mirjana LENHARDT, Lucian OPREA


Construction of the dams in Lower Danube River (LDR- rkm 0 Sulina – rkm 1075 Baziasi) without fish passages, as well as illegal fishery and river bottom modification due to navigation had negative impact on sturgeon’s populations. Beluga Sturgeon, Stellate Sturgeon and Russian Sturgeon still migrate to spawn in LDR but there is lack of information relating to sturgeons long distance migration in this area. Tagging with Vemco V16 TP acoustic tags, equipped with temperature and depth sensors involved 36 adult Beluga and 44 Stellate Sturgeons provide new data about sturgeon migration. Their migrations are monitored by VR2W receivers, deployed on between rkm 71 and rkm 864. Analysis of data showed that 17% of Beluga and 30% of Stellate Sturgeon never recorded and 30% and 11% of Beluga and Stellate Sturgeon recorded in period more than 30 days after tagging. Only 5% of Beluga and 7% of Stellate Sturgeon have been recorded after a period of more than 1 year. During 2013-2016 4 adult Beluga and 1 adult Stellate Sturgeon were recorded in the IGII Dam area. Results of this investigation showed that sturgeons still approached the IG2 dam and construction of fish passage on this dam is needed.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15835/buasvmcn-asb:003717

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