Quality of Meat and Some Meat Products Manufactured at SC Ferma Zootehnica SRL Baia Mare

Camelia RĂDUCU, Vioara MIREŞAN, Aurelia COROIAN, Dana PUSTA, Simona PAŞCALĂU, Cristian COROIAN, Zamfir MARCHIȘ, Luisa ANDRONIE, Daniel COCAN


During a period of 6 months beginnings with October 2016 until March 2017, were analysed meat products such as: Haiducesc smoked chest, Premium jambon, as well as semi-smoked assortments: Pork salami, Pintea salami and Pancetta salami obtained at SC. “Ferma Zootehnică” SRL Baia Mare. The results are reported at 100 g of product and were as follow: Haiducesc smoked chest: 31.87% water, 3.2 g salt, 2.51 mg nitrites; Premium jambon: 32.16% water, 3.38 g salt, 2.78 mg nitrites; Pork salami: 53.2% water, 2.13 g salt, 2.32 mg nitrites; Pintea salami: 51.8% water, 2.21 g salt, 2.95 mg nitrites; Pancetta salami: 46.08% water, 2.21 g salt, 2.04 mg nitrites. The obtained values fit in the allowed limits of the European norms STAS 6352/1-88 and 6353-85, therefore the products obtained are very good quality.


meat, quality, meat products

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15835/buasvmcn-asb:002217

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