Economic Effects of Dairy Cow’s Diet Supplementation with Anionic Salts

Marius BOGDAN, Mihai BENŢEA, Aurel ŞARA


This research proves the economic effect of Calving Care performance in dairy cow feeding, on Holstein Friesian cows. Group M1 / 2014 of 10 cows in second lactation are the control group in which Calving Care was not administered, monitoring performances throughout the lactation of 2014. Group E / 2015 is the experimental group, where the same cows receivedCalving Care 300 g / cow / day, 21 days before calving. Dietary cation-anion difference was -15.28 mEq / 100 g dry matter. Group M2 / 2016 was the second control group, without Calving Care, productive performance in the following lactation was monitored.After calving, each cow has been monitored for Fat corrected milk (FCM) production per 305 days lactation and dry matter intake, ratio between these parameters being expressed asmilk production efficiency. Milk efficiency was 1.25 in Group M1/2014, 1.3 in Group E/2015 and 1.28 in Group M2/2016 respectively.


Close-up; anionic salts; milk yield; milk protein; milk fat; milk efficiency.

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