The Actual Situation of Sheep’s Wool Capitalization in Romania



Sheep farming always made a special contribution to the development of practicing people, improving the standard of living, effects also known by Romanians, even if the number of sheep and implicitly the amount of wool had fluctuations over time. After the 90s, demand for wool in the textile industry began to decline and the wool has not been widely capitalized in Romania, being abandoned by farmers, even burned. The aim of this study is to provide solutions for wool collection in an organized manner and as profitable as possible for Romanians at national level, avoiding wool waste and chaotic export. The collection centers are unevenly distributed accros the country and there are some counties where sheep wool is not collected. With the proposed solution of locating other collection centers or distributing the authorized ones, it is possible to capitalize the entire wool resource available in Romania.


actual sheep; capitalization; collection centers; sheep wool.

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