Analysis of Market Trends Within the Romanian Silk Industry

Lucia Lelia POP, Liviu Alexandru MĂRGHITAȘ, Otilia BOBIȘ, Adela Ramona MOISE, Daniel Severus DEZMIREAN


According to the scientific literature, sericulture is the science with its focus on the silkworm rearing process, as well as the processing of silk and silk derived products. As a rural economic activity, sericulture is being usually, at small scale, being given a cottage industry character. The main goal of the current paper is to assess the potential of the Romanian silk value chain trough the point of view given by the value chain analysis perspective. Main elements used in the current research are represented by the comparative analysis of the values of imports, exports, trade balance and national production of silk and silk derived products in the following period of 2001-2018. The study will help highlight the potential for development within the sericulture national value chain highlighting the entry points in the value chain and identifying new internal and external markets.


import; export; trade; silk; sericulture.

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