Artificial Diet of Silkworms (Bombyx Mori) Improved With Bee Pollen - Biotechnological Approach in Global Centre of Excellence For Advanced Research in Sericulture and Promotion of Silk Production

Adela Ramona MOISE, Lucia Lelia POP, Thomas Vicentiu VEZETEU, Bianca DOMUȚ AGOSTON, Claudia PAŞCA, Daniel Severus DEZMIREAN


Global Centre of Excellence for Advanced Research in Sericulture and Promotion of Silk Production (GCEARS-PSP) is an important organisation for Romanian sericulture; the main aim of the centre is the revival of Romanian sericulture, the maintenance of Bombyx mori gene pool and the development of research in this domain. The moderate continental climate in Romania does not permit the rearing of silkworms all over the year and consequently, the production of silk is related to mulberry leaves production. A dietary substituent for the mulberry leaves is therefore needed. We herein tried to develop an alternative food recipe by including different concentrations of bee pollen to the commercial artificial diet recipe and measure its impact on larvae length and weight and silk production; our results demonstrate a good adaptability of silkworms to the artificial diet, and the addition of bee pollen improves the studied parameters, but without significant differences.


artificial diet; biotechnologies; GCEARS-PSP; silkworms.

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