Contemporary Water Buffalo Farm Size in Romania and Actualized Milk Yields

Eugen Claudiu JURCO, Grigore ONACIU, Alex CUIBUS, Lucian CUIBUS, Doru POP


Since 1989 water buffalo numbers in Romania have dropped significantly because of multiple factors. In 1989, records showed a population of approximate 210.000, while today just 14 000 buffalo remain. In the past, buffalo played an essential role in the economy of many peasant homesteads. Contemporary buffalo farms have not evolved much regarding size, most farms exploit an average of 1.6 head, extremely low, as data from the Association of buffalo breeders in Transylvania show. Too little research is done. The actual milk yields and reproductive traits need to be analysed, as improvement is needed. This present study aims to showcase the dramatically reduced population and farm size and milk yields. Data was obtained from the Association, regarding buffalo registered for control. The information was analysed and conclusions derived. Most facilities have been indicated as homesteads with very few animals. 126 units have been grouped in farm sizes of 1-2, 3-4 and over 5 animals. Production data have higher values in units with over 5 buffalo. It is shown that extra support is needed for conserving, and expanding the numbers of buffalo reared. Production levels are low, need for improvement and genetic research is high.


Bubaline; homesteads; actual production info.

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