Determination of Chloramphenicol in Honey by Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry with Photodiode Array Detection

Liviu Al. MĂRGHITAŞ, Victoriţa BONTA, Daniel DEZMIREAN, Otilia BOBIŞ


The aim of the present work was the development, validation and implementation in routine analysis of a technique that guarantees low detection limit for chloramphenicol in honey using liquid chromatography (LC)-mass spectrometry (MS) with photodiode array (PDA) detection. Sample preparation was carried out by liquid-liquid extraction of a honey solution in phosphoric buffer (PBS, pH=7.8). The determinations were performed using a Zorbax Eclipse XDB-C18 column and gradient mobile phase, using an electrospray ionization source (ESI) in negative ion mode. Recoveries were calculated at three concentration levels and higher values than 85% were obtained, with relative standard deviations less than 7.7%. The applicability of the present method was tested on 12 honey samples purchased from different beekeepers from Transylvania.


Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry, chloramphenicol, honey

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