Cytomorphology Observations of Small Intestine Mucosa in Pig

Mirela E. CADAR


There were examined biological samples collected from anatomic segments of small intestine from 8 pigs one-year aged. Besides usual staining techniques (HE, Masson-Goldner trichromic) were effected specific staining for elastic fibers (Weigert) and for cells with acidophil granulations (Singh). Also, there were done impregnations for reticulin (Gomori) and for argentaffin enteroendocrine cells (Masson-Hamperl) and for argyrophile ones (Grimelius). Given the intestine histo-architecture common for mammals we find in pigs some particularities on epithelium level (presence of Paneth cells, abundance of enteroendocrine cells), on villi level (development of Brucke muscle) and on innervation level (development of Auerbach myenteric plexus in duodenum).


small intestine, mucosa, pig, cytomorphology

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