Use Rare Breed for Genuine Foods in Romanian Rural Tourism and Possibility of Traceability the Traditional Products

Iudith IPATE, Alexandru T. BOGDAN, Marcel PARASCHVESCU, Mariana SANDU, Simona IVANA, Nicolae IPATE, Amalia STRATEANU, George TOBA, Mihai ENACHE


The specific of the touristic product and its quality depend to a large extent on the professional ability of the service staff (kindness, solitude, punctuality, promptness). Aspects related to professional ethics (correctitude, trust, honesty) are seen by the consumer as inseparable from the quality of a service. At the same time, tourist's perception on the quality of the received service depends on the level of performers' involvement. Actually, in rural tourism, at boarding houses and agro tourist farms, the staff is interested in bringing more tourists, their offer being characterized by a thorough competition. Agro tourist boarding houses offer a wide range of accommodation places and natural food products from their own households. Each agro tourist region has its own specific features that are, the building style, comfort, and traditional kitchen. The National Office of Traditional Products protect the name of traditional products to avoid bad competition between producers who made same product with same geographical name but in different zone. The quality of services provided to native tourists by the boarding house or agro tourist firm staff finds itself in an interdependent relation with ecological food products. The analysis based on microsatellite data has demonstrated the possibility to genetically characterize the breeds studied and to distinguish the origin of animals. The incorrect labeling of foods represents a commercial fraud. It is very important to establish that species of high commercial value declared are not substitute, partial or entirely, by other lower value species.


rural tourism, traditional food, rare breed, traceability

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