A PCR – RFLP Protocol that Distinguishes Porcine β-casein G Allele

Mihai ŞUTEU, Augustin VLAIC, Valentin BÂLTEANU, Felician POP, Crina CARŞAI, Bogdan NEGRESCU, Anca ŞOTROPA


In the present paper we describe a newly developed PCR-RFLP test that offers the possibility of identifying porcine β-casein G allele.
Following the sequencing of porcine β-casein cDNA, in order to characterize a previously described polymorphism (Şuteu et al., 2009), we have identified a new allele at this locus. The sequence was deposited in GenBank and received the following accession number: GU827390. Because of the guanine in position 252 differentiating the newly found allele from all other previous sequences we have chosen to name this allele “G”. Also the guanine from the above mentioned position creates a restriction site for the enzyme Hpa II, which allowed us to set up a PCR-RFLP test that is able to distinguish this allele.


porcine milk, β-casein, G allele, Mangalita, PCR-RFLP

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15835/buasvmcn-asb:67:1-2:5364

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