Comparative Study of Biological and Technological Parameters Regarding Silkworm Bred in Transylvania

LIVIU Al. M?RGHTA?, Daniel S. DEZMIREAN, Ioan PA?CA, Bogdan GHERMAN, Alexandra MATEI, Emilia M. FURDUI


Fifteen silkworms, Bombyx mori L., seven breeds and eight hybrid combinations
were subjected to a comparative study. The silkworms were breaded in specific Transylvanian
conditions, being assured the same microclimate and were fed with the same mulberry leaves of
Morus alba (Ukraina 107 variety). In this study we analyze some productive parameters in cocoons of
Bombyx mori L.: raw and dried cocoon mass (g), longitudinal and transversal axis of raw and dried
cocoon (cm), longitudinal/transversal ratio raw and dried cocoon, silk incartment (g), cocoon waste
(g), filament length (m). Data obtained after measurements, indicates that hybrid B1 X SVILA2 had the
best values for the biological parameters of the raw cocoon, also for the incartment. For the dried
cocoon, breeds RG90 and AC29/T were highlighted. According to the filament length, the best values
were obtained for AC29/T XS8 hybrid.

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