Variation Analysis of Cow Milk Composition Quality Depending on Year, Season and Location in Romania

Silvia MIRONEASA, Georgiana G. CODIN?, Costel MIRONEASA


The effects of regional environment, years and seasons on the milk technological
quality (contents of fat, protein, lactose, solids-non-fat, somatic cell number and number of total
germs) were studied by multivariate statistical methods. Two different counties from Romania
monitored in the years 2006-2008 were used during four seasons. Data was statistically processed in
accordance with the SPSS statistics package. Principal component analysis (PCA) results suggested a
significant difference (p£0.01) between fat content from the two counties. The ANOVA factorial used
to evaluate the influence of the counties, years and seasons effects on milk chemical and
microbiological quality show that the evaluated factors had a significant global effect (p£0.01) on the
fat, lactose and number of total germs content.

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