Comparative Study Concerning the Fattening Performances and Carcass Traits between Norwegian White x Turcana Young Hybrids and Turcana Young Sheep

Augustin VLAIC, Bela NAGY, Antonia ODAGIU, Bogdan VLAIC


The results of a fattening experiment developed during two successive years, for a
period of 79 days for each year of the experimental period (2008, 2009) was performed on Norwegian
White x Turcana and Turcana male young sheep. Both hybrids and Turcana pure breed young sheep
were maintained in the same conditions, received the same food, and benefit of the same microclimate
factors, during entire fattening interval. The hybrid Norwegian White x Turcana young sheep recorded
superior average values in the beginning and in the end of the fattening interval, with 1.72 kg (p>0.05)
and 3.94 kg (p<0.05), respectively, compared to Turcana young sheep. Statistical very significant
differences (p<0.001) between both breed structures (2.21 kg and 28.42 g) were recorded in total gain
and average daily gain during fattening interval.
The statistically significant and distinct significant differences between Norwegian White x
Turcana hybrids and Turcana young sheep are also recorded in warm and cold carcass weight, gigot
weight, cutlet weight. Student test was used for testing the significance of differences.

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