Utilization Effect of the Additive Adsorbent «Mycofix ® Plus» on Growth, Fodder Intake, Blood Morphological and Biochemical Parameters of Young Pigs

Larisa CAISIN, Vitalii BUSEV, Vasile HAREA


The aim of the research was to study the effectiveness of the utilization of the enterosorbent drug Micofix® Plus in the mixed fodder for young pigs depending on their weight increase, fodder intake and haematological parameters. The research was conducted on pigs of Landrace breed from 09.07 to 09.10.2010 at the State Scientific and Production Enterprise for Pig Breeding and Hybridisation “Moldsuinhibridâ€. In order to carry out the trial on the principle of analogy, 40 breeding pigs were selected, which were then divided into four groups of ten heads each. The feeding of the animals in the trial was similar in all groups, the differences was that the piglets in the groups Eg1, EG2, EG3 were fed with a mixed fodder to which the adsorbent Mycofix ® Plus at the level of 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 kg/t respectively was added, in comparison with the control group (CG) in which the pigs were fed with the basic fodder. It was established, that under the influence of the tested adsorbent at the end of the trial the live weight of the animals in Eg1, EG2, EG3 exceeded the live weight of the pigs in the CG by 0.93, 2.05 and 1.38 kg or 0.96, 2.11 and 1.42% (on the basis of statistically unreliable data). The introduction of the drug Mycofix ® Plus at the level of 1.5 kg/t in the diets for young pigs was the most effective, and helped to reduce the fodder intake by 2.28%. Blood haematological analysis testified that when the fodder was supplemented with Mycofix ® Plus the basic indicators were all in the normal physiological range.


growing pigs, adsorbent, growth performance, blood parameters

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15835/buasvmcn-asb:69:1-2:8388

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