The Effects of Some Aditives on Egg Quality in Laying Hens

Aurel Sara


The research was performed on 108 laying hens, Isa-Brown hybrid, divided in four groups, 27 heads/group. Prebiotic Actigen was supplemented in total mixed ratio (TMR) in group 1E using a proportion of 0.06%, prebiotic Bio-Mos in proportion of 0.1% (group 2E) and organic Se (Sel-Plex) in proportion of 0.04% (group 3E). The trial developed within 6 weeks, first laying stage (33 weeks - 39 weeks of age), respectively. During trial, the following issues were studied: average weight of egg structure, egg proportion, chemical composition of egg and egg quality (egg size index, egg volume, index white, index yolk, Haugh units, specific subject of egg weight). The use of prebiotics (Bio-Mos and Actigen) and organic selenium (Sel-Plex) in the mentioned doses determined an increase in the average weight of egg structure (egg white, yolk and shell), and also an increased eggshell thickness and an increase in the protein content in egg white and yolk. Also is observed an increase in Ca content in eggshell and an increase in Se in egg (egg white+yolk). The results obtained confirm the favourable influence of prebiotics and organic selenium on the egg quality of laying hens in the first laying stage.


prebiotics, organic selenium, laying hens, egg quality

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