Antispasmodic and hypoglycemic effects of aqueous extract of Ajuga iva L. in induced diabetic rats

Abdelhak Rouibi, Mustapha Khali, Fairouz Saidi


Pharmacological study of aqueous extract of the aerial parts of Ajuga iva L. was performed using animal models. The administration of different doses (0.025 g/mL; 0.05 g/ mL; 0.13 g/mL; 0.2 g/ml and 0.4 g/mL) of the aqueous extract caused a decrease in the number of abdominal cramps in the same time interval. Doses of 0.13 g/mL, 0.2 g/mL, 0.4 g/mL generated an increase in the percentage of inhibition of contractions of 79.78±4.64, 85.39±4.29 to 96±5.20, respectively, compared to the control (77.53±3.80). These results indicate that doses 0.13 g/mL, 0.2 g/mL and 0.4 g/mL of aqueous extract of Ajuga iva L. are more effective than the analgesic effect of ibuprofen.

The single and repeated administration of aqueous extract (0.15 g/L) orally for 3 weeks reduced the blood glucose levels significantly (70%) in diabetic rats compared with the percentage reduction levels in rats of control group treated with Diabenil ® (47.81%). The administration of the aqueous extract of 0.15 g/L of the plant decreased blood glucose levels.


Ajuga iva L., Antispasmodic and hypoglycemic effects, Diabetic rats

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