The Quality of Poultry Meat in Various Type OF Packaging Stored Under Refrigeration Conditions

Elena Surmei, Elena Surmei, Marius Giorgi Usturoi, Marius Niculaua, Aida Albu, Iulia Cotfas


The research was carried out on samples taken from thighs muscles, individually packed and stored for 10 days, at different parameters (Lc stored at + 4°C, 95% RH, packed in polyethylene bags; Lexp-1 stored at + 4°C, 95% RH packed in Stretch trays; Lexp-2 stored at + 4°C, 95% RH packed in BDF (under a modified atmosphere) trays). During this period, was made daily determinations on color, pH and in easily hydrolysable nitrogen content. Our results showed that there was a directly correlation between muscle pH, color fluctuations and easily hydrolysable nitrogen content. Thus at the end of 10 days of storage for the group Lc was registered a pH of 6.64, a content of 28.21 mg NH3/100 g and color values of L*-54.35, a*-10.27, b*-17.27), for samples packed in Stretch trays, pH was higher than the Lc with 2.6 and with 2.91 than Lexp-2. Regarding easily hydrolysable nitrogen content, Lexp-2 had an content with 63.66% lower than Lc and with 56.64% beside Lexp-1. Te final conclusion was that in order to preserve the freshness of poultry meat is recommended packaging in BDF trays (in a controlled atmosphere) and storage at + 4°C/ RH 95%.


meat quality, poultry, packaging, refrigerated

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