Cryopreservation of Rose Cultivars: Comparison of Two Encapsulation Protocols

Adela Halmagyi, Sergiu Valimareanu, Ana Coste, Constantin Deliu


Shoot tips excised from in vitro plants of Rosa x hybrida L., cvs. Ioana, Mariana and Vulcan were successfully cryopreserved using encapsulation-dehydration and encapsulation-vitrification methods. Shoot tips (2-3 mm in length) were excised, encapsulated in natrium alginate beads, precultured in sucrose (0.25, 0.5, 0.75 M) for 24 h and either desiccated in laminar air flow (up to 5 h) or dehydrated with a vitrification solution (up to 220 min) prior to direct immersion in liquid nitrogen. The highest shoot development (72% for cv. Vulcan, 69% for cv. Mariana and 66% for cv. Ioana) after storage in liquid nitrogen was obtained after using the encapsulation-vitrification protocol.


encapsulation-dehydration, long-term storage, vitrification

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