Contributions to Improvement of Piglets’ Maintenance Conditions

Ilie Cornoiu, Ionel Toader


The abandonment as it is possible in alimentation of fodder additives basis on antibiotics and the use of other additives’ types, which are not dangerous for animal health and also for human health, represents a permanent preoccupation of animal breeders from European Union. The replacement of breeding promoters, respectively of antibiotics with fodder phyto-additives, which can be obtained from medicinal plants, have the advantage that they do not present any danger for animals, human and environment.

Starting from the truth that pork meat production is determined also by the weaned piglets’ number (economic prolification), in this article we proposed to experiment in the conditions of farmstead breeding the use of some medicinal plants in the rest space for piglets during lactation.

The experiment was done in autumn-winter season of years 2011 and 2012 inside the biobasis of Suina Breeding Discipline from UASVM Cluj preparing three nests (C) for three parturition boxes for sows, in the following way:

C1 - with rubber bedding and supplementary heat source,

C2 - with barley straw bedding and supplementary heat source, and

C3 - with barley straw bedding mixed with medicinal plants and supplementary heat source.

During the experiment in the three boxes were obtained two parturitions for three sows, and their feeding conditions were identical during piglets’ lactation.

In this first stage, the obtained results emphasized differences from a nest to another one as concern the capacity of body weight accumulation and implicitly the survivor capacity of piglets until weaning time.

The differences registered in experiment give attention on how to use the medicinal plant mixtures in piglets’ nests during sows’ lactation.


economic prolification, medicinal plants, rest space, nests

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