Researches regarding the meat texture of Simmental breed

Nicoleta Găină (Diaconu), Roxana Lazăr, Emanuiel Constantin Diaconu, Marius Mihai Ciobanu, Paul Corneliu Boișteanu


Abstract. This paper is part an extensive study regarding the indicators of cattle meat quality.

Cattle meat quality is determined by a number of traits, among which the most important is tenderness. The criteria for assessing the quality of cattle meat are given mainly by tenderness, juiciness, flavor and aroma. The aim of this paper is to assess the texture of cattle meat. Researches were performed on a total of 12 samples heat treated from carcasses of Simmental cattle breeds randomly selected on the technological slaughter. Shear force was measured on Longissimus dorsi using a Warner - Bratzler device. The results obtained allow the qualitative assessment of Simmental breed meat regarding the texture being able to make a comparison with data from literature. Changes in tenderness begins immediately after slaughtering and continues to grow after rigor mortis stage. So, the time and conditions during the aging of meat increase quality by improving tenderness.


tenderness; Longissimus dorsi; bovine carcasses; slaughtering;shear forces

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