REACTION OF SOME PLUM CULTIVARS TO NATURAL INFECTION WITH Taphrina pruni (Fuck.) Tul., Fusicladium Pruni DUCOMET AND Tranzschelia pruni-spinosae PERSOON DIETEL

  • Ioana Mitre jr. University of Agricultural Science and Veterinary Medicine, Cluj-Napoca
  • V. Mitre
  • Erzsebet Buta
  • Ioana Mitre
  • Andreea Tripon
  • R. Sestras


The response to the attack of Taphrina pruni (Fuck.) Tul., Fusicladium pruni Ducomet and Tranzschelia pruni-spinosae Persoon Dietel , in natural conditions of infection of 13 plum cultivars were evaluated, during three years, in a commercial orchard located at Calacea, Salaj county, Romania, in 2012-2014. The cultivars taken into study were ‘Topfirst’, ‘Nectarina rosie’, ‘Tuleu timpuriu’, ‘Hangata’, ‘Toptaste’, ‘Tuleu gras’, ‘Vinete de Italia’, ‘Stanley’, ‘Vinete romanesti’, ‘Tophit’, ‘Jojo’,‘Anna Spath’, ‘Topend’. The highest degree of attack of Taphrina pruni, on fruits in ‘Vinete romanesti’ ‘Stanley’ and ‘Vinete de Italia’ was recorded and the most resistant cultivars were ‘Topend’, ‘Jojo’, ‘Tophit’, ‘Tuleu timpuriu’and ‘Topfirst’.The most resistant cultivars regarding the attack of Fusicladium pruni Ducomet proved to be ‘Topfirst’, ‘Topend’, ‘Jojo’, ‘Tophit’, ‘Hangata’ followed by ‘Anna Späth’, ‘Toptaste’, ‘Vinete romanesti’ and ‘Stanley’ respectively the highest degree of attack on ‘Tuleu gras’, ‘Nectarina rosie’, ‘Tuleu timpuriu’ and ‘Vinete de Italia’ , was observed. Regarding the plum rust (Tranzschelia pruni-spinosae Persoon Dietel) the cultivars having the lowest degree of attack were ‘Jojo’, ‘Tophit’, ‘Topend’, ‘Anna Späth’, ‘Toptaste’, ‘Tuleu gras’ and ‘Nectarina rosie. The most sensitive cultivars to Plum Rust proved to be ‘Vinete romanesti’ and ‘Tuleu timpuriu’ followed by ‘Nectarina rosie’, ‘Vinete de Italia’ and ‘Stanley’. The low level of infections in some cultivars represents an element that recommends them in breeding programs on resistance to these diseases of plum.
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