Consumption Pattern and the Demand for Soybean and Dairy Cheese in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria

Gbenga OPEYEMI, Raphael Olanrewaju BABATUNDE, Nkem Gloria NWAIGBA


Abstract The study assessed the consumption pattern and the demand for soybean and dairy cheese among consumers in Ilorin Metropolis, Kwara State, Nigeria. Data were collected through questionnaire with one hundred and twenty respondents from three institutions. The three institutions were randomly selected; these institutions are University of Ilorin, Government ministry and Market women in Ilorin. The study employs the use of descriptive statistics, Almost Ideal Demand Systems (AIDS) and Multinomial logistics regression model. The result of the survey showed that for dairy cheese consumption, gender was significant at (P<0.01), awareness of its nutritional benefits significant at (P<0.01) and years of schooling significant at (P<0.05), the three factors contribute significantly to its consumption in the study area. Also, awareness of the nutritional benefit was significant at (P<0.01), for soybean cheese and awareness of the nutritional benefit of dairy and soybean cheese significantly contributes to its consumption in the study area. In conclusion, Dairy cheese is the most consumed cheese among the consumers. The study recommends that Government should formulate policies and promote programs that would likely promote adult literacy; efforts should be made by Health and Nutritional Institutions to increase awareness of the nutritional benefits of the various cheese types across both genders.


Consumption; Dairy, Soyabean, cheese; Demand, Nigeria

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