Potential increase in cocoa production through vegetative propagation in Papua Barat Province

Apresus SINAGA, Andi Faisal SUDDIN, Amar MA'RUF


This study aims to obtain information about plant performance, vegetative propagation production and find the feasibility of cocoa farming in Papua Barat Province, Indonesia. The study was conducted in Prafi Mulya District, Manokwari Regency, Papua Barat. Data were analyzed by t test to determine differences in crop performance from two locations, each location consisting of 50 plants so that the total number of plants was 100 trees. To find out the level of farm feasibility, an R/C ratio analysis and marginal B/C ratio analysis were then performed using an approach to calculate the break event point for production and prices. The analysis showed that the average t value of live plants, healthy pods and plant height were significantly different between locations. The number of seeds per pod correlated significantly to the weight of seeds per pod of r = 0.96**. Farming financial feasibility analysis is feasible enough to continue because the value of R/C > 1. Cocoa farming in the research location has a high competitiveness because the breakeven point of productivity and price are lower than the actual value of each.


vegetative propagation, cocoa, farming, feasibility analysis

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15835/agrisp.v110i3-4.13547

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