Molecular Modeling and 3D Analysis of Water Stress Responsive TaPase Phosphatase encoding Gene in Wheat (Triticum aestivum)

Arun Dev Sharma


Acid phosphatases are key enzymes involved inorganic phosphorous acquisition under stress conditions thus implicated in crop productivity. The present study was designed to perform molecular modeling and 3D analysis of stress responsive acid phosphatase gene TaPase.  It has been observed that TaPase encodes protein which is soluble in nature. Based upon these results, a possible physiological role of TaPase in wheat was discussed. It was predicted that TaPase protein is disordered at N-terminal, posses signal peptide, rich in random coils, basic in nature and having polar amino acids. In addition, TaPase protein was modeled using QUARK server followed by validation using VADAR and QMEAN servers which revealed good nature of 3D structure. Functional analysis using PROFUNC server revealed potential role of TaPase under stress conditions along with hydrolytic activity. PDB sum motif analysis revealed Beta–Turns rich profiles in TaPase protein. Based on these findings the possible role of TaPase gene was discussed

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