Study on the Consumer Profile of Aged Beef in Cluj County

  • Adriana - Paula DAVID USAMV Cluj - Napoca
  • Colciar M. Cristina USAMV Cluj - Napoca
Keywords: beef aging, dry aging, wet aging, consumer profile


The purpose of the study was to identify the consumer profly and preferred characteristics of aged beef in order to assess the marketing mix of new aged beef products. The study was designed to identify the consumer profile of aged beef available in specialized stores or supermarkets.

The study was carried out in ten grocery stores in Cluj county. Participating panelists received questionnaires that collected data on age, gender, aged beef preferences and income. In addition, they took part in a sensory analysis assay of meat aged by wet and dry method, for 21 and 35 days, respectively.

At the end of the study, the consumer profile of aged beef was created: a person with above than average income and higher education graduate that prefers Black Angus beef aged by the dry.

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