The Influence of Biostimulants on the Growth and Some Physiological Processes of Three Bean Cultivars

Mihaela COVAȘĂ, Carmen Doina JITĂREANU, Cristina SLABU, Alina Elena MARTA, Beatrice Alexandra MODIGA


Biostimulants contribute to plant nutrition, they have positive effects on plant growth. Research has focused on the influence of biostimulators on germination capacity, the height of stem, also we determined the total chlorophyll content with the CCM plus 200 and the stomatal conductance with SC1 leaf porometer.
The bifactorial experience was conducted in a pots experiment in randomized blocks with three repetitions. The application of biostimulants (Cropmax and Atonik) was done every ten days by foliar spraying throughout the vegetation period.
Biostimulants in this study had a positive influence of the physiological processes followed in the three cultivars of beans. These products can be used successfully for both and the treatment of seed and the treatments applied to the phases of the growing season. The best results were recorded of bean plants treated with Cropmax.


bean; biostimulants; photosynthesis

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